Parking Review

Anyone who has lived in Turvey for more than a few years will know that on street parking has become much busier. Turvey is not unique in this – cottages built without garages, families with 2, 3 even 4 cars, garages used for storage rather than parking are some of the reasons that all villages have similar issues.

Parking is a sensitive issue. Understandably, residents would like to be able to park outside or close to their home but parking also needs to be safe and considerate. Complaints regarding specific areas in the village have made to The Parish Council. We therefore asked parking specialists from Bedford Borough Council visit the village, to walk round with us and give us any advice or recommendations.  This report is a summary of that meeting.

It was confirmed that

  • It is not legal to reserve parking spaces. The Borough Council will remove cones or other items if asked.
  • Any resident or visitor can park on any street. There are no “resident only” restrictions and any such scheme would never be approved for a village.

May Rd/Carlton Road and Newton Lane/High St

Double yellow lines have been introduced to prevent cars parking too close to these junctions. This has improved visibility for both drivers and pedestrians.

Norfolk Rd

It is illegal to park on the verges in Norfolk Rd and there are notices to stating this on lampposts. Additional signs will be put up to ensure everyone is aware.

Jack’s Lane

The Borough Council strongly recommended that double yellow lines be implemented at the junction with the High St to ensure good visibility, prevent problems with cars being unable to turn in if a car is coming out (stacking) and to protect the dropped kerbs. The Parish Council agrees and will request the lines. However, this can take many months to be implemented.

There is potential for additional parking in the lower part of Jack’s Lane. Residents may be asked their views on this in the future.

Reporting problems

We all live in a beautiful village with limited space. Ultimately, being considerate of others will go a long way to keeping problems to a minimum. However, The Parking Shop in Bedford is responsible for policing parking and they have a mobile unit that can come out to the village if necessary. They can be contacted on 01234 227477 or by email

Turvey Parish Council