Rebecca Corns - Planning, Open Spaces, Village Hall

David Niblett - Chairman, Footpaths & Bridleways, Station End Rep (incl Priory Close Play Area)

Paul Jenkins - Highways, Footpaths & Bridleways, Neighbourhood Plan

Edward Poll - Planning Chairman

Tony Smith - Vice Chairman, Station End Rep (inc Priory Close Play Area)

Gary Innes - Open Spaces Committee

Mark Westwood - Planning, Highways

Max Felts - Open Spaces, Footpaths, Highways

Karen Nixon - Open Spaces

Clerk - Sue Bottoms

Borough Councillor -  Jim Weir



Parish Council meetings are held 6 times a year, usually on the last Thursday of the given month, see "events calender" on the left hand menu for details. Details of where and when the meetings are held are also posted on the village notice boards. Meetings are open to the public and the first fifteen minutes of a meeting may be used for public questions.


The Parish Council aims to represent the views and interests of the people of Turvey. We work with our community and related agencies to meet the needs of the residents. We do our best to ensure Turvey is a safe and attractive village in which to live.


Registers of Interest