The Parish Council has registered with the Borough Council to produce its own Neighbourhood Plan and has set up a sub-committee, the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group, consisting of Parish Councillors and interested residents to progress the development of the plan.

The Neighbourhood Plan is a real and positive opportunity for the community to shape the future development of Turvey, particularly the use and development of land and buildings.  Without a Neighbourhood Plan, we will have little influence over future development. There have already been applications submitted following the Bedford Borough Council’s ‘call for sites’ which, if approved would have increased the number of houses in Turvey by at least 25%

 The Neighbourhood Plan needs to be endorsed by an independent examiner appointed by the local planning authority and supported in a referendum of local residents, before it can be adopted. When adopted, the plan becomes a legal document within Planning legislation.

  Neighbourhood Area

Meeting Dates for 2019:

The Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group  have fixed meeting dates for the year as follows;

  13/2/19, 13/3/19, 10/4/19, 8/5/19, 24/7/19, 11/9/19, 9/10/19, 13/11/19

 All meetings are at the Boys Club Room, Village Hall, Turvey, 7.30 to 9.00 pm.

  You can find out more about or Neighbourhood Plan on


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